Aranda, Essence

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Chef Javier Aranda finds his passion and commitment in the kitchen through the most exquisite seasonal products. His taste for the classic and his eagerness to modernize and make each element unique, leads him to create a magical combination of ingredients and presentation in each of this year’s dishes.

Awarded with two Michelin stars, one of them for his current gourmet restaurant, “Gaytán”, makes him be fully dedicated so that his growth and commitment increase day by day, putting the utmost care and effort to continue with an impeccable career.

Javier Aranda’s cuisine is a journey through the path of authentic flavor, full of elegance, freshness, delicate textures and an especially innovative touch.

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Fotografía del interior del restaurante Gaytán

One day I had
a dream. Perhaps
it is coming true…

Chef Javier Aranda

But… what about passion? One must understand the satisfaction and privilege of being able to serve people, and that ability to understand it is only achieved through passion.

Many details, nuances, elegance, commitment to what you do… the guest perceives it; everything is carefully thought out and carefully crafted.

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The seasonal product as the protagonist

Fotografía del plato menú degustación javier aranda Fotografía del plato

Enjoy a gastronomic
experience at Gaytán

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