Gaytán presents its two seasonal tasting menus, by chef Javier Aranda, winner of two Michelin stars. His passion for gastronomy and gourmet cuisine turns each of the elaborations into something very authentic, with soul and uniqueness, by using different ingredients in every season of the year.


The current JAVIER ARANDA menu recounts the complete studies made by our chef and his team on the jewels of the season. With the best ingredients and careful elaboration techniques, you will be able to taste a compilation of all the dishes he has worked on prior to the launch.

It is our complete experience, a real delight for the senses.

Harmony of wines 68€ (optional)

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JAVIER ARANDA’s INAUREM menu is our chef’s and his team’s proposal to enjoy the best seasonal ingredients. Javier, with great commitment and passion, prepares each dish with special attention to detail. In this menu you will be able to taste a compilation of his most innovative and exquisite dishes.

It is a journey of authentic flavors and a gift for the palate.

INAUREM menu + wine pairing 170€
Harmony of wines (optional)

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Fotografía de libreta de trabajo

The menu

If you prefer to select the dishes you wish to enjoy or try the ones recommended by the chef, you can take a look at the menu. Available from Tuesday to Saturday during lunch and dinner service.

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Enjoy a gastronomic
experience at Gaytán

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