How is the Gaytán
experience created?

Choice of ingredients

The Gaytán Restaurant experience starts from the very beginning, from the selection of the best ingredients, products from the vegetable garden, fresh products, and intriguing aromas. The combination of textures and smells bring back memories, and that is what the experience is all about, achieving a mixture of our cherished past memories and new and exciting adventures in every bite.


Preparation of the tasting menu

The elaboration of the tasting menu is performed live, in front of the diner’s eyes. The Gaytan experience is unfolded through sight, the cutting of the fresh product, watching it being simmered…, and the smell, where the different nuances of the ingredients and spices can be appreciated and transport us to other nearby places, where we can relax and enjoy.

Logotipo del restaurante Gaytán
Javier Aranda preparando una salsa sobre una cazuela

An authentic experience for the senses

Once the dish is served, the journey begins. Feel the flavor of each ingredient, its texture, its smell. It’s incredible that in each elaboration, even if there is a combination of several ingredients, these can be distinguished with total clarity. Chef Javier Aranda manages to recreate an incredible scene from the elements of the dish and still transport you to traditional flavors that we all might know.


Presentation in detail

At Gaytán, attention to detail is essential. The presentation of each creation made by chef Javier Aranda is nothing more than another manifestation of this journey through the most current cuisine, inspired by the most traditional flavors and where the vegetation, the textures and the harmony of the seasonal products stand out.

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