“Even in the small steps, those that seem insignificant, we are forging our essence… the true meaning of who we are.”

Who is Chef Javier Aranda?

Javier aranda

Michelin star chef Javier Aranda is an expert in fine cuisine. With two Michelin stars already, one of them thanks to his restaurant in Madrid, “Gaytán”, where he recreates exquisite combinations with the best ingredients, in function of seasonality.

The elaboration of his dishes stem from his Toledo roots, combined with avant-garde touches, thanks to his culinary knowledge of gourmet cuisine and his unique work with different spices, thus achieving aromas and flavors that are a real delicacy for the senses.

What are his

and Philosophy?

Javier, since he was a child and inspired by his grandfather, has been aware of the need to maintain authenticity in everything we do, especially in what we are most passionate about and what motivates us every day. He has been able to transmit these values in his dishes, from the first bite to the last.

Also, as time goes by, we reinvent ourselves, perfecting who we are, what we want and how we want it. Those goals are forever with us, and that path has led to what Javier Aranda is today, which has allowed him to be awarded two Michelin stars, to date. The journey continues.

His trajectory

Javier Aranda was born in Villacañas (Toledo). He did not bring a loaf of bread under his arm… he brought a whole pantry full of quality ingredients and a passion for cooking.

Pedro, Javier’s grandfather, is surely the first ” major culprit” of the love, dedication, and professionalism with which he now handles his kitchen.

Javier attends the School of Hospitality, where he wins the best dish for the Diputación de Toledo.
Here he defines his passion for cooking and for being a chef.

During these years Javier experiences his taste for avant-garde cuisine and learns the professionalism of his craft, by working at El Bohío (Illescas) under the guidance of chef Pepe Rodríguez, Ars Vivendi, Urrechu, Santceloni, and becoming head chef at the Restaurant Piñera.

La Cabra is born.
With large doses of enthusiasm and the desire to do things well, La Cabra is born. This gastronomic proposal offers completely different and multifunctional spaces that can accommodate any type of diner: Tapas, gastronomic, library, private lounge, wine cellar and cocktail bar.

First Michelin star
With 27 years of age, Javier achieves the most prized gastronomic star for La Cabra. The success of a great team: 19 cooks and 11 waiters. An important achievement that fuels, even more, his desire to continue evolving.

Sol Repsol and EME Metrópoli
Consistency, perseverance, a job well done and above all, the positive acceptance of the public, allow La Cabra and Chef Javier Aranda to continue reaping awards of renowned prestige.

Javier Aranda’s new Restaurant sees the light in June 2016 and is born with a gastronomic and conceptual ambition. Gaytán is a tribute from the Chef to his true roots, and a nod to his grandfather Pedro.

Second Michelin Star
Javier gets the Michelin star for his Restaurant Gaytán, his second one in Madrid, along with his other proposal: La Cabra.

EME Metrópoli
The awards confirm the support of the public and make us continue to be excited and eager to improve. Since its inauguration, this has been the spirit of Gaytán Restaurant.

Casa Decor 53rd Edition
Chef Javier Aranda was the official restaurateur of Casa Decor 2018. He designed special menus for all the visitors and exhibitors at this exclusive interior design exhibition, in which the chef’s culinary philosophy could be appreciated: “own identity, global influence”, which he also has in his restaurant Gaytán.

Michelin star in the restaurant “Retama”
Run at the time by Toledo-born chef Javier Aranda, ‘Retama’ offered an unforgettable experience with its own identity for the enjoyment of all five senses..

Executive Chef at “Javier Aranda”, his restaurant in Seoul
Javier Aranda is launching a new restaurant in the capital of South Korea to conquer the Asian market with the opening of a new restaurant in the capital of South Korea.

Javier Aranda and Cobos Catering
The union of both brands COBOS & JAVIER ARANDA , means the novelty of merging the creativity of a catering with the innovation of a signature cuisine. Creating illusions and the magic of perceiving sensations.

Javier renews his Michelin Star with Gaytán
The creations of Javier Aranda, orchestra conductor of a team of high-level professionals, have made Gaytán one of the restaurants of national and international reference, where elegance, perfection and subtlety meet the tradition of flavours.

Creation of “ASKO by Javier Aranda”
Creative space where Javier Aranda creates new culinary combinations, thanks to the premium appliances of the Scandinavian brand ASKO..

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